Dr. Seuss Wine Charms

Dr. Seuss Wine Charms

Dr. Seuss Wine Charms

"I'll drink wine on a boat

While staying afloat;

I'll drink wine in the rain

While catching the train;

I'll drink wine from a box

While chasing a fox;

I'll drink wine with a mouse

While cleaning the house!!

I'll drink wine here and there;

I'll drink wine everywhere!!"

A delightful set of 7 reversible wine charms celebrating Dr. Seuss!

Designed using upcycled rare black and silver Scrabble tiles with colorful artwork of Dr. Seuss book covers on one side. Flip them over and the tiles spell "DR SEUSS". Wine charms come in their own box and include a scrabble tile rack to display them while entertaining.

A truly unique gift for the wine lover that enjoys the wonder of books.

NOTE: The wine charms are water-resistant, but they are NOT waterproof. Therefore, the charms should only be cleaned by gently wiping with a DRY cloth, if necessary. Do NOT wet with water or any liquid cleaner.

GO GREEN and celebrate the Cat in the Hat and reading with these unique wine charms.