Love Story

Love Story

Love Story

Folded Book Art from the Heart

This beautiful piece is actually a vintage book transformed through the art of book folding. No pages were harmed. In fact, each page is meticulously and patiently folded and is neither cut nor glued to keep its form.  You can actually unfold the pages and read the book though it's not something I'd recommend! Please note that book colors may be different as each piece is a one of a kind original. 

I love to "rescue" old, unwanted books and restyle them into unique keepsakes. Regretfully we live in a disposable world and paper bound books seem destined to become a thing of the past. The only thing worse than an unloved book gathering dust on a shelf is a discarded book in a landfill.

And so, I see my work as a way of transforming these soon to be relics into wonderful pieces of art. Designs featuring symbols, words or patterns are meant to inspire and encourage and ultimately to make you look at a book and even art in a new light.