Steampunk Cats Wine Charms

Steampunk Cats Wine Charms

Steampunk Cats Wine Charms

Unique double-sided wine charms inspired by our love of steampunk and our playful little fur babies! Designed using upcycled Scrabble tiles.

Reversible wine charms are set on Scrabble tiles that spell "CRAZY CAT" on one side and feature colorful artwork showcasing playful kitties all dressed up in steampunk wear. The tiles are coated with an epoxy glaze that provide durable protection and a glass-like finish. It's like getting two sets of wine charms for one price!

Hoop style wine markers come in their own box and includes one Scrabble tile rack to display the tiles during your event.

A bonus feature of this item is that the wine charms can actually be worn as earrings!

NOTE: The Scrabble tile wine charms are water-resistant, but they are NOT waterproof. Therefore, they should not be immersed in water. They can be gently cleaned with a dry cloth.

GO GREEN and celebrate the planet with this one-of-a-kind set of wine charms.